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The Full Story

Hello! I'm Zac.

I am a results-driven marketer with a passion for the outdoors and a talent for working in teams. I earned a Bachelor's in Marketing from Boise State University and a minor in Economics.


My career highlights include contributing to a startup's growth to 50M in annual revenue to later being valued around 200M. I recently have pivoted to a more corporate setting to hone in my data analysis skills as well as work with larger clients and teams.

Image by Fab Lentz


To deliver exceptional results for our clients by executing effective and innovative paid social campaigns across proven and emerging platforms, while continuously striving to improve and stay ahead of industry trends.

Image by Stefan Cosma


To become a well rounded Media Buyer with deep experience in all social platforms. While having a deep understanding of how SEM operates/contributes to business goals.

Image by Stefan Cosma
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